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Fashion Kebaya in the Indonesia

Friday, November 9th 2012. | Fahion Trend


Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (JFW) back festive despite a leaky tent in of the incident that resulted in the cancellation of the fashion tent some fashion show on Tuesday (11/06/2012) and Wednesday  (07/11/2012). This time, the fashion show take place in the fashion loft, exactly on the 5th floor, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. On day 6, the JFW 2013 was enlivened by Obin kebaya and Muslim fashion parade. Fashion Show first shown,namely the works from Obin and his team from BINhouse the theme of ‘Time Traveler’. 48 to show off the clothes that she put forward the coastal batik cloth with a variety of traditional kebaya is designed nicely, ranging from the without arms, short arm, to long though. There was even designed to resemble kebaya cheongsam.

Some series of clothing that had been prepared for a year, also using cloth woven with a variety of beautiful embroidery. The fashion show, sponsored by Bank BRI’s also celebrate the 40-year career as a dedicated Obin fabric artist who developed the art of cloth archipelago. The next fashion show themed ‘Luxurious Modesty’. Fashion show puts forward Moslem look glamorous, elegant, and modern. Four designers involved in such a fashion that both the Itang Yunasz with various Moslem woman with a mix of black and white. Motive also comes with a pattern of pretty flowers which can make the wearer look feminine.

kebaya (4)

After that, followed by the work of Monica Jufry. He carries the theme ‘Pretty Busy’, inspired from the style of a Muslim woman is active, dynamic, and it is always a race against the time required for the appearance of creative chic and beautiful look. The material used in clothing such as chiffon, taffeta, sequins, weaving, and satin.  The third designer Irna Mutiara. Canary feathers with beauty, his voice, and the dynamics of its movement, inspiration, design Irna. Bright yellow color with black, gray and broken white, fashion designer makes it appear to be monotonous. Tasikmalaya embroidery detail and West Sumatra were combined in a single theme, add a richer taste in fashion this time.

kebaya (3)

kebaya (2)

After that turn of Ronald V.Gaghana showcase their work. Designers this one takes the theme ‘Passion’. Moslem fashion collection he made, looks very modern, and more important convenience and stylish. With a very simple silhouette, these fashion-inspired embroidery techniques Maroco and China with a blend of Art Nouveau floral highly decorative.  At the fashion show-3, has been was enlivened by APPMI (Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs). There are seven designers involved in the fashion show this time, including Jeny Tjahyawati, Ida Royani, Adhy & Alie, Merry Pramono, Tuty Adib, Defrico Audy, and Nuniek Mawardi.

Muslim clothing (2)

Muslim clothing (3)

Muslim clothing

The seven designer brings different concepts, with their characteristic respectively. Moslem fashion that they are prioritizing better look fancy, fashionable, ethnic, and elegant. The colors were varied. There are predominantly neutral palette like black, some are brightly colored, such as gold, red, yellow, pink, and toska.
Credit By : Wolipop (RMA / RMA)

Fashion Kebaya in the Indonesia
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